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Interview de Renat Bekkin // IFSO mag. - 2014. - No. 4. - P. 12-13.

Renat Bekkin (b. 1979). D.Sc. in Economics, Ph.D. in Law. One of the leading Russian experts in Islamic law, Islamic economy and finance. The pioneer of studying Islamic economy in Russia. The author of monographs: Insurance in Islamic Law: Theory and Practice (2001), Islamic Economy: Short course (2008), Islamic Economic Model Nowadays (2009 1st edition, 2010 2nd edition), Islamic Insurance (Takaful) (2012 1st edition, 2014 2nd edition) and more than 100 articles on Islamic economy, finance and Islamic law. In 2012 he provided Islamic insurance products for Evro-Polis insurance company firstly launched takaful at the Russian market. Permanent member of Shariah board at Mutual insurance society Takaful (Kazakhstan) since 2010; Shariah advisor at Evro-Polis insurance company (20122013). The head of Oriental and Islamic studies department at the Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia); Senior research fellow at the Institute for African studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia).

İslam hukukunu yansıtan polisiye yazmış // Dünya Bizim. - 2012. - 24 Kasim (In Turkish).
Islamic banking and takaful in Russia: What the future holds// New Horizon. - 2007 (1428). - No. 163. - January-March (Muharram-Rabi Al Awwal). - P. 12-17.

With over 15 million Muslims living in Russia today, the domestic introduction of Islamic financial services has been discussed and attempted by both businessmen and scholars. But is the country ready for it? Renat Bekkin, Moscow State Institute of International Relations lecturer, talks to Tanya Andreasyan about the challenges facing Islamic banking and insurance in Russia.

Morasch J. Ene, mene, mekka
Islamic bank card to be rolled out across Russia

Russian Muslims, currently fasting for the holy month of Ramadan, may soon have one less financial worry on their plates. A new Islamic debit card is due to be launched across the country, with terms and conditions guaranteed to be halal by Muslim spiritual leaders.

Window on Eurasia: Remake of Fadeyevs Young Guard Has Islamist Radicals, Not Nazis, as Russias Main Enemy
The Round table of the International Union of Economists on the subject "Islam economy". 22nd of December, 2008

The key-note address on the subject of the Round table was made by Bekkin Renat Irikovich, senior scientific worker of the Institute of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. (law), which remarked that "in modern literature there are different interpretations of the concept "Islamic economy".


Selected Books
Insurance in Islamic law: Theory and Practice, Moscow: Ankil, 2001, 152 p.
Islamic Finance in the Modern World: Economic and Legal Aspects/ ed. R.I. Bekkin, Moscow: "Ummah" Publishing House, 2004, 283 p.
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