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Insurance in Islamic law: Theory and Practice, Moscow: Ankil, 2001, 152 p.


Part 1. The Problem of Correlation between Commercial Insurance and Islamic Law

Chapter 1. Sources of Shariah and its Role in the Modern World

Chapter 2. Some Elements of Islamic Economy

Chapter 3. Early Forms of Insurance in the Medieval Muslim Society (on Example of Such Institutions as "Zakat" and "Diyah")

Chapter 4. Islamic Insurance Contract from the Point of View of Islamic Law Doctrine

Part II. Legal Aspects and Prospects of Development of Islamic Insurance in the World

Chapter 1. The Essence of Takaful

Chapter 2. Basic Elements of Islamic Insurance Contract

Chapter 3. The Development of Islamic Insurance in the ASEAN countries (on Example of Malaysia)

Chapter 4. The Prospects of Islamic Insurance in Russia


Appendix 1. Financial Highlights of Syarikat Takaful Malaysia for the Period of 1996-2000

Appendix 2. List of Islamic Insurance (Takaful) Companies in the World

Appendix 3. List of Re-Takaful Companies in the World

Appendix 4. Glossary

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